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    * Affairs of Tauyuan District *
    Department Position Extenstion Affairs
    Office of District Mayor District Mayor 11 Oversee, command, and supervise operations of the township office.
    Assistance 27 Assist the township mayor in day scheduling and cleaning of the office
    Secretary office Secretary 12 Assist the township mayor to supervise the operations of the office.
    Personnel Office Chief 18
    1. Maintain a healthy fundamental organization, reasonably allocate personnel resources, effectively utilize manpower, and fully extend the functions of the organization.
    2. Implement personnel recruitment and an open information policy.
    3. Reinforce job simplification,, implement the duty system, and push forward single-window service.
    Reinforce personnel performance evaluation and absenteeism/tardiness management, commend personnel with outstanding performance.
    4. Reinforce and subsidize public service personnel training and education and develop management talents.
    5. Strictly execute the retirement policy to promote organizational human resource update.
    6. Care for the retired personnel.
    7. Organize employee birthday parties and recreational activities, promote recreational sports within the organization, and participate in public service personnel games to promote a healthy lifestyle.
    8. Reinforce personnel information management and confidentiality.
    Protect the welfare andensure the occupational safety of the public service personnel.
    9. Push forward personnel data digitalization.
    10. Enforce the self-government ordinances in the township
    General Affair Office General Administrator 19
    1. Implement township procurement projects.
    2. Conduct general administration operations of the office.
    3. ispatch vehicles
    4. File and manage properties.
    5. Manage janitors and technicians.
    6. Reinforce safety and fire security of the office buildings and implement maintenance and repair projects.
    7. Manage and dispatch office vehicles and reinforce maintenance and fuel management
    Worker 9 In charge of office cleaning.
    Information Office Research and Evaluation 21
    1. Compile annual plan based on the information forwarded from the township offices.
    2. Conduct document management.
    3. Reinforce research and development.
    4. Implement policies to improve the quality of service.
    5. Collect information relating to administrative affairs.
    6. Promote the service information system
    7. Conduct internal information operations.
    8. Strictly conduct file managment.
    9. Reinforce law enforcement works and handle state-compensation related affairs.
    10. Reinforce communication with the public and communities to facilitate policy implementation.
    11. Reinforce press contact and convene township office meetings and executive briefs.
    12. Appoint delegated personnel to manage the office seals, documents, and files.
    13. Enforce the self-government ordinances in the township.
     Archives Office Staff 53
    1. Study the feasibilities of linking public properties with the natural resources of the local communities for efficient development and implement public constructions to expand the revenue sources of the township.
    2. Handle mortgage related operations.
    3. Handle transport and hygiene related affairs.
    4. Assist in receiving/dispatch operations
    Worker 63 Archive Management
    Information Desk Temp Worker 9、10  
    Civil Affair Division Section Chief 13 Handle self-governing, administration, and general affairs.
    1. Develop a healthy foundation organization.
    2. Manage administration in the villages and supervise the village officers.
    3. Actively promote and implement the campaign promises of the township mayor
    4. Supervise village meetings, file reports, and implement resolutions made in the meetings.
    5. Commend outstanding village and community leaders.
    6. Actively improve the efficiency and quality of small construction and procurement projects approved by the county government.
    7. Reinforce exchange and interactivities with other aboriginal townships and villages.
    8. Improve the living environment of the villages.
    9. Reinforce civic and democracy education
    10. Advocate welfare for the indigenous peoples and assist the aboriginal residents in general living and employement affairs.
    11. Coordinate with civil servant elections.
    12. Organize arts and culture activities, maintain and upgrade the quality of activities, and promote ethnic culture.
    13. Reinforce the township's sports organizations, organize the township games, and promote sports activities.

    Neighborhood Watch
    1. Promote crime (theft, violence, and general crimal cases) prevention.
    2. Actively promote the zero-crime project.
    3. Encourage the citizens to assist the law-enforcement agencies and provide information for crime investigations.
    4. Educationthe citizens to stay away from committing crimes.

    Public Properties
    1. Study the feasibilities of linking public properties with the natural resources of the local communities for efficient development and implement public constructions to expand the revenue sources of the township.
    2. Source funding from the county government for new construction (addition, or repair) of the village and community venues, which will serve as village/community offices, assembly halls, emergency shelters, and activity centers.
    3. Actively seek funding for renovation and repair of the township office and township council buildings and improve the work environment for the public service personnel for higher administrative efficiency and better service quality
    4. Reinforce civil defense, ensure full preparation of the supplies, and implement training and drills.

    Religion and Public Cemetery Management
    1. Reinforce consultation to ensure proper operations of the temples and churches and open financial operations, and implement public charity and social education.
    2. Promote good religious practice, courteous conducts, and good morals.
    3. Offer instant legal consultation to the temples, operators of public ritual and rites, churches, and religious groups.
    4. Reinforce management of public cemeteries and funeral services, improve service quality, expand public revenue, and promote landscaping for public cemeteries.
    5. Improve funeral service facilities, reconstruct the ossuaries, and set up additional mourning, funeral halls and cabinets.

    Military Service
      Conduct and assist relevant offices to handle military service related affairs, including conscription, conscription inspection, draftee service assignment, draftee check-in, draftees' application for for reevaluation and withdraw, college-graduate officer service assignment and check-in, draftee information update, non-draftee/service waver management, military police officer selection and check-in, conscription suspension, conscription deferment, management of draftees with China or overseas origins, obstruction of conscription cases, living aids for draftee dependants, emergency, illness, and other aids for draftee dependants, transportation of draftees, military-civilian networking, military service teams organization and management, national guard management, consultation to military service organizations, training and management of military service administration personnel, application, evaluation, assignment, and check-in for substitute services, conscription management for substitute services, and application for early discharge of replacement draftees.

      Conduct and assist relevant offices for the following affairs: information update for reserved military services, Subparagraph 4 and 5 deferred military reserve conscription, employment consultation service for veterans, physical evaluation for reserve service conscription status change, reserve service conscription status change, in-service military personnel service termination due to illness and progress monitor, household and conscription information system management, and general document processing.

    1. Conduct mediation, litigation, and relevant affairs.
    2. Advocate and execute the functions of township's mediation board to minimize litigation, prevent wastage of the legal resources, maintian harmony in the communities, and promote solidarity.

    1. Reinforce implementation of youth counseling program, prevent school drop-out, and enforce compulsory enrollment.
    2. Reinforce education for the indigenous peoples, including folk language and mother tongue education
    3. Promote national language education, improve the township residents' language abilities, and promote communication to achieve solidarity.
    Village Coordinator 48
    Village Coordinator 22
    Clerk 57
    Village Coordinator 25
    Village Coordinator 38
    Secretary 28
    Contract Village Coordinator 59
    Contract Village Coordinator 38
    Contract Village Coordinator 39
    Contract Village Coordinator 59
    National Health Insurance Agent 28
    Employment Service Clerk 37
    Employment Service Clerk 42
    Finance and Construction Division Section Chief 14 Handles general finance and construction affairs.
    Staff 43 Handle business and factory registration and market management
    1. Taxation Management
    2. Conduct land value tax, house tax, deeds tax, and recreation tax collection operations.
    3. Conduct collection of construction benefit fees and filing of general income tax.
    4. Execute management of forms and licenses.
    Associate Technical Specialist 30
    1. Civil Engineering
    (1) Establish the township's information system of the main access roads and farm roads to facilitate easy management and maintenance and enable planning for improvement and direction guiding.
    (2) Seek funds for building of car parks at the township's tourist destinations to attract more tourists.
    (3) Execute the government procurement projects.
    2. Constructions
    (1) Provide consultation services regarding construction related laws and regulations to the township residents.
    (2) Improve the efficiency of licensing and certificate issuing operations delegated by the county government.
    3. Hydraulic Engineering
    (1) Reinforce maintenance of the revetment, river banks, and drainage systems to prevent disasters and ensure the safety of the township residents' lives and properties.
    (2) Reinforce or petition to conduct dredging of wild streams and maintenance of revetments and banks.
    4. Water Treatment
    (1) Supervise user communities of the small water treatment facilities to set up management boards and reinforce maintenance and mangement works for the water source and treatment system based on the user-pays principle.
    (2) Conduct a complete survey to allocate the areas in the township without pipe water supply and petition for water supply facilities or make request to the authorities for construction of simple water treatment facilities, aiming to completely solve the water supply problems in the township.
    5. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
    (1) Coordinate with the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (Executive Yuan) and Nantou
    (2) County Government to implement hill-slope management and flood prevention engineering project and prevent mudslides.
    6. Disaster Prevention Engineering
    (1) Implement a disaster prevention and emergency rescue system.
    (2) Improve the efficiency of post-disaster restoration.
    7. Other Engineering Projects
    (1) Coordinate with relevant authorities to conduct implementation of underground sewer facilities and the surveying works.
    (2) Handle applications for road construction and pavement sealing works.
    (3) Conduct town planning area engineering works
    Assistant Technical Specialist 33
    Contract Worker 41
    (Treasurer's Assistant)
    Contract Worker 65
    Temp Worker 31
    Temp Worker 31
    Agriculture Divistion Section Chief 15 Handle agriculture related affairs.
    Village Coordinator 45
    1. Promote development of the forestry industry and forestation.
    2. Reward and promote citizen forestation program.
    3. Reinforce environment upgrade and planting of greeneries and environment management and maintenance.
    Staff 47 Land Administration
    1. Conduct administration of the reserved lands for the aboriginal people.
    2. Reinforce usage control of non-town planning lands.
    3. Handle affairs related to public river-bed lands
    4. Conduct land acquisition for construction of public facilities.
    5. Conduct land acquisition for post-disaster restoration projects.
    6. Conduct land survey and division related works.
    7. Implement the Aboriginal Reservation Land Rezoning Program and Land Purchasing Program for the Aboriginal Peoples Using Lands of the Taiwan Sugar Company.
    Assistant Technical Specialist 44 Soil and Water Conservation
    1. Coordinate with the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau and Forestry Bureau (Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan) to conduct mudslide lands restoration works.
    2. Reinforce slope-land conservation and surveillance works and report illegal development.
    3. Fulfill the responsibilities and exercise authorities of disaster prevention and response works delegated to the township.
    4. Conduct mudslide disaster prevention drills and disaster prevention education
    5. Actively promote river and wild stream conservation works.

    Animal Husbandry
    1. Conduct livestock inoculation and disease prevention works.
    2. Reinforce livestock facility hygiene and wild animal protection.
    3. Handle hunting applications from the aboriginal people.
    4. Conduct Animal Husbandry Census and Reports
    Assistant Technical Specialist 56
    1. Affairs of Tauyuan District
    2. Agriculture/Fishery Consultation and Promotion and Agricultural Survey
    3. Promote wet/dry farmland utilization adjustment plans.
    4. Reinforce agriculture and disaster report.
    5. Promote use of organic fertilizers.
    6. Approve and issue agricultural related licenses
    7. Conduct agricultural chemical safety education.
    8. Pest prevention and control
    9. Agricultural production machinery management
    Staff 56 Conduct fishery consultation operations.
    Contract Worker 55 Land registration personne (Land administration assistants)
    Contract Worker 54 Land administration assistants
    Temp Worker 52 Agricultural affairs assistants
    Contract Worker 46 Assistants for Promotion of Forestry and Forestation
    Contract Worker 9 Implement the Aboriginal Reservation Land Rezoning Program and Land Purchasing Program for the Aboriginal Peoples Using Lands of the Taiwan Sugar Company.
    Accounting and Statistics Office Chief 17
    1. Improve filing of statistical data and establish a public administration statistics system.
    2. Conduct annual final accounting for the overall accounts of the organization and the subsidiary agencies.
    3. Act as the legal authority of budget planning for the organization and subsidiary agencies.
    4. Conduct reapportionment for the annual budget as needed.
    5. Allocate and strictly implement budgets based in the progress of administrative projects.
    6. Establish a healthy accounting system, promote information digitalization, and simplify accounting operations.
    7. Reinforce internal audit and make payment schedule for the public funds.
    8. Compile and publish accounting reports as required by laws.
    9. Demand and manage an uniform system of report compilation.
    Contract Worker 61 Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office Assistant
    Temp Worker 61 Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office Assistant
    Library Curator   Handle library related operations
    1. Build a comprehensive collection of books, coordinate with relevant programs to upgrade the library into a culture center, extend the functions of the organization.
    2. Host expert speeches and seminars.
    3. Promote reading clubs and lifelong learning.
    4. Establish a volunteer system.
    5. Enforce the self-government ordinances in the township.
    Temp Worker   Assistant Librarian
    Day Care Center Superintendent 67 Manage daycare operations.
    Nurse 62
    1. Conduct daycare administration, review daycare applications, and seek funds for improvement of daycare facilities.
    2. Convene and participate in program design and training activities.
    3. Enforce the self-government ordinances in the township. 
    Daycare Staff   Daycare Staff of Day Care Center in Meishan Village
    Daycare Staff   Daycare Staff of Day Care Center in Fushing Village
    Daycare Staff   Daycare Staff of Day Care Center in Cinghe Village
    Daycare Staff   Daycare Staff of Day Care Center in Tauyuan Village
    Daycare Staff   Daycare Staff of Day Care Center in Tauyuan Village
    Daycare Staff   Daycare Staff of Day Care Center in Gaojhong Village
    Daycare Staff   Daycare Staff of Day Care Center in Jianshan Village
    Tourims Division Section Chief 16 Handle tourism related affairs.
    Assistant Technical Specialist 49 Tourism Business Management
    1. Quality Assurance for Tourism Operators and Services
    2. Landscape and environment improvement and management.
    3. Maintain and manage tourism destinations and facilities.

    Tourism Activities
    1. Development of Tourism Information and Industry.
    2. Promote and plan tourism activities
    3. Plan and implement the township's prune/plum festival and hot-spring series activities.
    4. Implement tourism related development projects.

    Cultural Activities
    1. Repair and maintain historic sites and organize genealogy and hunting events.
    2. Organize Prune Blossom and Takiaru Festivals.
    3. Organize Manahtainga Festival (ear-shooting ceremony) 
    Staff 23
    Staff 29
    Assistant Technical Specialist 26
    Temp Worker 29 Tourism Section Junior Officer
    Temp Worker 58 Handle Aboriginal Culture Center related affairs.
    Aboriginal Cultural Museums
    Administrator    Handle Aboriginal Culture Center related affairs.
    Village Coordinator  
    1. Relic procurement, collection, and exhibition.
    2. Preserve aboriginal heritages (cultures and rituals) preservation and conduct study courses.
    3. Conduct operations, repairs, and venue leasing operations for the culture center.
    4. Organize exhibitions
    Social Welfare Center Administrator  68 Handle Social Welfare Center related affairs.
    Secretary 36 Social Aids
    1. Review emergency aid and natural disaster aids applications.
    2. Conduct survey and booking of low-income households.
    3. Handle low-income household aids related operations.
    4. Manage private donations and related affairs.
    5. Handle handicap aids related operations.

    Social Welfare
    1. Implement welfare programs for the elderly.
    2. Handle low-income family elderly subsidy applications and fund release operations.
    3. Elderly care, insurance and subsidies, meal on the wheel service, elderly pension, golden and silver wedding activities, and elderly day commendation ceremony.
    4. Children and Women's Welfare
    5. Handle children's aid related affairs.
    6. Emergency aid for women under special circumstances.
    7. Protection for misfortunate women
    Temp Worker 69 Social Welfare Center Assistant
    Parks & Lights Administration Office Superintendent 50 Street Lamp Management
    1. Reinforce street lamp statistics management and malfunction reporting.
    2. Conduct street lamp repair and improvement to ensure night-time road safety and security of the township residents.
    Contract Worker 51
    Cleaning Unit Supervisor 66 Handle general cleaning operations.
    1. Organize environment volunteers and clean the streets and drains in the vicinity of the township.
    2. Reinforce prevention of dengue fever.
    3. Handle junk vehicle towing operations.
    4. Waste recycle.
    5. Reinforce maintenance of the cleaning squad vehicles and fuel control.
    6. Expand the area of trash collection service and set up dump carts to meet the needs of the township residents.
    7. Coordinate with the health center operations.
    8. Implement stray dog catching and terminating works.
    9. Enforce the self-government ordinances in the township.
    Staff 24
    Technical Worker  
    Contract Worker 24