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Tengjhi National Forest Recreation Area

    * * *
    * Hiking, Mists and Clouds, Bug Watching, and Bird Watching *
      Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area is located in the municipality of Baolai Village, Taoyuan Township, Kaohsiung county, with an area of 770 hectares administered by the 70th,71st and 72nd offices of the Forest Administration Agency. This recreational area lies between 1550 to 1804 meters above the sea level with a mixed conifer and deciduous forests. From the view terrace marked at 1804 meters above the level, the wide expanse of views extend out to Yushan, Dawushan, Beinanshan, and big and small Guanshan. The thick crowns of the trees and beautiful sceneries make it a perfect place for hiking, trail walking, exploration for the diversified ecology of flowers, bugs, and birds.
    * Demographic Data *
    * Municipality: Tauyuan District
    * Emergnecy Contact Number: 07-6895123
    * Telephone :886-7-6895123
    * Administration: Pingtung Forest District Office
    * Open hour: 8am~5pm
    * Elevation: 1,550m-1,804m
    * Theme: Forest SPA, Hiking, Forest Waves, Liouguei National Guard Reserved Road