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About Director

    Hsieh Chui-Yao

    District Mayor

    Name: Hsieh Chui-Yao
    Education: Provincial Pingtung Teachers' College Class 1970
    Postgraduate Study, National Taitung Normal University
    Experience: Director, Taoyuan Elementary School, Kaohsiung County
    County Council, The 15th Council of Kaohsiung County


      After 30 years of service in the public education system, an opportunity brought me from the field of education into public service. I would like to thank everyone in the township for your support. In the last four years, I treaded every village in the township and, as a councilor in the township council, I came to see the love of Taoyuan's folks for their homeland. Today, I take over the work as your township mayor and I will keep my campaign promise-- to develop the tourism and cultural industry, as well as quality agriculture The villages of Taoyuan Township are scattered on the line of tourist destinations along the Southern Cross-Taiwan Expressway 500 to 1500 meters above sea level. They are paradises endowed with rich natural resources and this gives Taoyuan Township high potential for development of tourism. Hot-springs, beautiful scenery, colorful cultures, and abundant agricultural products, such as green prunes, red plums, aiyu jelly, peaches, mangos, and mountain vegetables.

      With such abundant resources, the team led is fully charged with energy to bring the township a bright future and have no reason to fail. In the next four years, I will do my best to develop a town of hope.

      With your support and close supervision of the county and central administrations, we will build a beautiful homeland and write down a brilliant page in the history of Taoyuan Township. Let's join hands to build a vibrant Taoyuan Township for our children.

    Yours Faithfully 
    District Mayor  of Tauyuan, Hsieh Chui-Yao